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Digital Cigarette Skins: New Trend?

Retro tie-dye is back in vogue and camouflage is pretty in pink. Your digital cigarette becomes an on the spot fashion accessory with the application of a brightly patterned or coloured skin. Merely apply the skin to the surface and press firmly. Making use of a decorative skin to your digital cigarette is a enjoyable, easy and inexpensive technique to accessorize any outfit for a evening on the town. Decorative electronic cigarette skins are rapidly gaining recognition. They don’t seem to be made to cowl the filter portion of the cigarette and in some instances they may must be trimmed to measurement. There are a wide number of selections that assist you to match your interests, your persona and even your clothing. Feminine choices vary from delicate prints to classic patterns. Let your party animal out with exotic animal prints in traditional patterns. Let everyone know you might be with the band with musical instrument skins. Lees verder →